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    WILLKOMMEN, BIENVENUE, WELCOME! - Spirit And Flesh Magazine

    Can I bellow “CUMMING” the same way I bellow “SWINTON”?

    I remain skeptical.

    yes, yes you can.

    Also gentlemen, take note: this is how you age spectacularly.

    I view him and SWINTON as the benevolent, saucy, ambiguous godparents we ALL need. 

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  2. a-different-kind-of-royalty:

    Animator 1: Hey son, you got the character design done for the princess’ father?

    Animator 2: Yeah!! Check this: he’s short, kinda portly, with a white mustache, brown eyes, and thick eyebrows. He’s goofy but lovable, and with a bit of a temper. Good guy tho

    Animator 1: Sick work brah!!1!

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  3. "When you break your bone you don’t try to set it back in place yourself. You go to the hospital. Why is it that people think they can fix their brain, the most crucial part of their body, all by themselves."
    — My 11th grade math teacher (via sickofbeingsuicidal)

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  4. Pretty sure the greatest thing that can happen to anyone is a mechanic saying there’s nothing wrong with your car and that they won’t be charging you any money. Today’s a good day.


    1. Men: Not ALL men.
    2. Men to their daughters: Yes, all men. Every single one of them.